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Boat buying

Are you looking for a specific type of boat? Have you found it on a specialized website in Canada, USA or outside of North America ?

You can entrust us with the task of carrying out your project from the outset and completely free of charge: there is no commission fee to be paid by the buyer because part the commission is paid by the seller to his broker, which covers our business expenses in the same way as a real estate agent shares their commissions according to the amount of work performed by each of brokers.

Your agent represents you; he works objectively for you and protects your interests.

We have the expertise to complete the transaction, in either English or French; we have contacts, knowledge and experience to guide you through the process.

This will save you many pitfalls, puzzles and wasted time. Ultimately you will probably save considerable sums of money. 

WHY Joel Dionne Yachts?

Here are some of the advantages in doing business with our specialized company

  • Buying a boat ? There is no fees for our professional services if the boat is offered through a brokerage firm on MLS.
  • Secure transactions through our company, our documents and our trust account here in Canada.
  • We are working with recognized professionals located in Canada, USA and more. We are a member of the YBAA, IYBA and CPYB; these are recognized global professional networks

Are but some of the many other Worldwide Web listings.

  • When working with us, you will have every chance to acquire the most recent and best boat in its class.
  • A list of the latest North American market purchases is sent to you quickly.
  • Pre-verification of the real market value of the boat (so when reselling, you will be able to recover the maximum amount of your investment)
  • Visits planned on the boats according to your availability
  • Objective negotiations with the local broker or the owner to obtain the best possible price.
  • Logistics of mortgage verification or other debts related to the ownership of the boat with specialized professionals in Canada, USA and more. 
  • Documents required import/export, registering and insuring your boat.
  • Logistics of boat preparation for transport (transport by sea or by road) safely to your local marina

boat selling

Are you looking to sell your boat in the current competitive market? Joel Dionne Yachts is here to help! 

We have been selling and buying boats every year since we first started back in 2005. Joel Dionne Yachts can sell your boat quickly, efficiently and at fair market value according to the current market. Our marketing strategy is designed to reach and guide enthusiastic potential buyers anywhere in North America and even in Europe.

By choosing us, you will have access to crucial tools used to assess your boat at its fair market value such as the soldboat value, the professional tool of the current year that values your boat according to its current condition, its list of equipment and the geographical location of your pleasure craft. These are very important metrics that will increase interest and drive leads. Most buyers will move even at great distance if the boat is in excellent condition and is offered at a fair price. As an option, your boat will be ''available to co-brokerage'', there is thousands of professional boat brokers on our MLS network !

Call us today to get the information you need to sell your boat quickly. We are always looking for excellent second hand boats for our increasingly diversified clientele.

Our company has accumulated several years of experience in the field, our contact network in Canada and USA is well established. 

Our company is a member of the Quebec Commercial Certification Board, YBAA and Joel Dionne is a certified yacht broker professional (CPYB); this is a guarantee of safety and trust. 

Contact us to realize your dream and find the boat you want without any hassles and get the best value for your money in the North American market.

We will help you find or sell your boat 

Contact Joel Dionne 

Marine consultants, yacht broker, import/export logistics. We would be pleased to answer your phone call; we can serve you in French and English as well. Whether you want to buy or sell your boat, do not hesitate to contact us now for an informed decision!

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